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Rio De Janeiro is a former Portuguese colony which is known for beautiful beaches, weather, and of course the famous Brazilian beach thongs. The beaches are wide and clean, with a very soft white sand. Merchants and street vendors are common on Rio’s beaches, with thousands of walking vendors selling everything from sun glasses or bikinis to fried shrimp to cooling beverages (try mate com limão, a local ice tea mixed with lemonade, or suco de laranja com cenoura, orange and carrot juice).

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be hosted by Rio De Janeiro and the entire world is likely to fall in love with this resort destination. Surprisingly Rio is not the nation’s capital; In 1960 Brasilia became the official capitol of Brazil.

Rio’s Carnaval is a world renowned two week long party which includes a parade in Centro, on a gigantic structure called Sambódromo (Sambadrome). During the Carnaval, Rio’s streets in almost every neighborhood are packed with party-goers. The Carnaval is truly representative of Brazilian culture and the event most certainly includes a plethora of naked women and bad street musicians.