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Tangier also occasionally known as Tangiers is a large city in Morocco on the Mediterranean coast of the continent of Africa, and it is only a 1-2 hour boat ride across the sea from Spain. It’s very easy to take a day trip from Spain. The city of Tangier has an amazing Casbah (or Kasbah) city center full of shops with handmade goods including rugs, lamps, hookas, and just about anything one could possibly find in a typical middle east bazaar. Like most cities in Morocco, Tangier is split into a new town and an old town (medina). The old town, encircled by a medieval wall, has colorful markets. The markets are packed with fresh fruits, produce, meat, and an abundance of dates and olives which are very popular fruits of Morocco. Almost as soon as one steps off of a tour bus or into a market area most of the locals will spot tourists and most travelers to Morocco can expect to be bombarded by mostly children bringing goods to you to barter for a fair price.